Trauma in its many different forms anchors itself in our bodies over time. This can, and often does, have a massive detrimental effect on our health, outlook, relationships and general day to day well-being.


The trauma can be a one-time intense experience or combination of multiple traumas over a period of time ; either way there is a cause and effect relationship. The “stress” causes a part of the brain - the sympathetic nervous system (this is the fight or flight response) to be activated. This is a protective mechanism and a great short term response. But for many people it's like the switch stays “ON” 24/7. Because we don’t know how to turn it off. Having the constant experience of being under stress creates an on-going hypersensitivity to stress, so little stressors trigger larger than appropriate responses. As a result you have even more stress in life, which is also anchored into the body- and this creates a cycle that repeats itself, a loop, and you become stuck within it.

Because the ‘experience’ is anchored in the body it is therefore constantly sending a signal to the brain reminding you that you are not safe in the world, and so you keep the guard up, you keep the defensive shield on. But months or years later this has a detrimental effect on your life, on your health, and on your well-being.

I love helping people release the trauma that has been anchored into the body because it’s a very gentle process. And because with the method that we use, we work with the body to release stored tension from the nervous system. We lead first with the body, so as the body shifts, the mind follows. As the body becomes free, and becomes more open and safe in the world, the mind follows suit. So people have profound positive life changing shifts.

Often during a session you will let go of tension, but have no idea of ‘what’ you’re letting go of specifically, it's not important for us to know what is being released. It's just fantastic that this is occurring in a gentle and safe way.

If the body is anchored into the trauma, as it is hardwired to do, we live life with the fight or flight switch “on”. As a result, we perceive things as stressful when often they are not. But also this affects our thinking as we see things through a filter of survival or defense, often without knowing it. It therefore unconsciously affects our day to day perceptions, within our environment, self and towards others – everything.

Love, compassion and gratitude are available from a place of safety, not from defense. As you open up and let go of what no longer serves you, you use the trauma as a ‘fuel’ to access a new range of possibilities; that previously felt outside of what you currently believe is possible for you. Remember - When the body is free, the mind follows.

If you would like to let go of the trauma that is stored in your body, then I invite you to come join us this sunday for a free Live Webinar at 8pm where we will go in more depth.


*Please note that I am neither a psychotherapist nor psychologist, but I have many recommendations and testimonials from these professionals in the past as they experinenced and seen the value in my work.


Join us for a Free LIVE webinar this Sunday at 8pm

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If you suffer from Anxiety and have panic attacks you will most probably notice that you’re often anxious about being anxious. Always worried about when and where your next attack will be. If you live in Auckland you will be pleased to hear about our very different treatment option, that is both very effective and drug free.

Often people plan their day around their panic attacks – “I don’t want to catch the bus, just in case it happens when I am in public”. Many people even see themselves, in their minds eye, as having panic attacks in future scenarios. You’re so scared or frustrated about having them you start unconsciously planning for them. And for many, the idea of other people knowing what you’re going through is very embarrassing. For example, a lot of corporates struggle with the thought of people seeing that they have anxiety and therefore not being good enough or underperforming. They hope nobody will know or find out. This actually tends to make things worse and a negative spiral begins.

Many people therefore develop a strategy of retreating from the world, doing less and avoiding situations, and often the list of what to avoid grows over time. This becomes more and more painful and it gets to a point where the person feels forced to make a change and look for a form of treatment.

We offer one of New Zealand's most effective solutions to resolving anxiety using a drug free, holistic body mind approach by reducing the nervous system and spinal cord tension patterns.

Our approach to treating panic attacks is addressing its cause. Which is a nervous system that is easily triggered into a fight or flight response (sympathetic nervous system). For many people the panic attacks feel like they come about for no reason – which simply means you’re unaware of the triggers.

• We help you address the triggers by first becoming aware of what they are.

• We help you reduce the stress that is anchored in the body, which is what is causing the nervous system to be stuck in a hyper excitable (more easily reactive) fight or flight state.

• We help you replace negative destructive patterns with healthier ones.

• We help you overcome anxiety and make it a thing of the past.

• We don’t mask the problem by giving you drugs – we get to the cause.

• We don’t just talk about it - we give you strategies and work directly with your nervous system at the level where the body mind gets stuck into the fight or flight and free it

Why is our approach so different?

Just imagine how much energy is being consumed every day of your life with these panic attacks. How much better would your life be when you could use all this energy in a more constructive way?

Now you may be thinking that your breathing is the cause and this assumption is almost correct. Yes, hyperventilation can cause panic attacks, but the real question is why are you breathing this way? When the body has so much tension that it is holding onto life’s stresses and traumas we become more rigid in our structure. Just focus on your chest and notice how tight or rigid it feels, and notice the discomfort you feel when you take a deeper breath. This stored tension that is in the body is what is causing the restricted breathing, which often leads to hyperventilation. So, with working with you to release the tension in the nervous system, there is more freedom in the body and your breath naturally changes. You breathe better and feel better – but what we do is by no means just a breathing technique.

The 3 main techniques we use to get these profound changes are

  1. Network Spinal Analysis
  2. Somato Respiratory Integration
  3. Cognitive Wellness Integration (CWI)

The CWI is a process that I have been working on for the last 10 years, which is unique to Inspiring Wellness. At this stage it is only available in Auckland.

If you live in Auckland city and suffer from panic attacks and you’re ready to overcome them, I would like to offer you a free consultation to come into the practice and meet with me. You can ask any questions you have and we will also do a quick assessment of your nervous system to see if we can uncover some of the triggers that are affecting you. Through this process you can work out if what we do is a perfect fit for you.

Read some testimonials to get an idea of how your life could be with our help and if you want some more info click here.

To resolve your panic attacks come in for a free 20 min consult. Email, call or book yourself a free session online today.


Dov Face PicI am the owner of Inspiring Wellness, a wellness and personal transformation clinic in Auckland CBD and the Author of "Wellness Words, how to think speak and feel great" and  "How to Break free from Anxiety". I love helping my clients take back their lives and regain their health and get a whole new higher quality of life. If you are curious if we can help you, please contact us. We are here to help you.



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