by Dovvy Phillips

Be Patient With Yourself

July 27, 2023 | Tips and Insights

What you're feeling now is often the result of what you have been doing in the past.

There is a momentum in life, and things take a while to build/change/grow…

A perfect example is when going to the gym, it takes time to see changes. You start working out, and you don’t see anything happen for a few weeks. It does not seem like anything is working, but changes are happening.

Another example is when people start our 12 week course to resolve anxiety. They may not see changes after week one or two, but things are definitely changing on the inside (the Nervous system).

If you give up, you see no changes and you go back into your old patterns. People do this all the time. 

Consistent action / consistent new thoughts, often take time to make shifts and changes.

So you are, right now, here as a result of the work you have done.

Sometimes you can be in a great place, and then all of a sudden start doing different things and not realise that you are going the wrong direction because the ‘feedback’ is too subtle for you to notice.. so you are coasting in the wrong direction, you won’t notice until you do. 

Meaning you won't change until things get really uncomfortable, because the point of being uncomfortable is to get you to change your thoughts or behaviours.

Same goes in business - we make changes and might not see changes straight away, but if we keep going we will see massive progress, however you might not see that for a few weeks or months.

Now think about relationships! If you are just going along with the flow you might be fine, but fine might be slow decay, and this slow decay might not make much difference now or for a few years, but then it will. Hopefully you will take note before it's too late!!!

So please don’t always rely on immediate gratification and short term instant rewards.. Know that you will get the payoff!

Be patient with yourself.

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