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Dov went out of his way to make me feel comfortable in his care. After having a terrible experience with a counsellor many years ago when recovering from a depressive episode, I decided never to trust anyone in the caring profession again – especially not a male. But when life situations left me in a rut that I couldn’t get out of on my own, I came across Dov’s book which led me into contact with him. Now I’m extremely glad about that and so appreciative of the difference he has made in my life. I have found Dov to be a very respectful person with a great sense of humour (hence the nickname Dr Happy) who is non-judgemental and loves to help people. And now…I am such a different person compared to when I first him. I have progressed in ways that I never thought were possible. These are the biggies:

1) I love being me now! I don’t just tolerate myself but I actually really enjoy being alive. I can engage in life so much more fully than before. It makes me feel so much more alive on the inside and it empowers me to feel confident to meet the demands of challenging situations that used to cause fear to rise up in me.

2) I have learned to live life looking forwards rather than backwards – focusing on where I am going rather than just getting away from the pain in my past. My experience of everyday life is vastly improved because of this.

3) I used to get overwhelmed and fearful very easily. But now, I am much calmer and I don’t get ‘stressed out’ the way I used to. This is so empowering for my present and my future.

4) The biggest and most pronounced shift that I am astounded by and so rapt with is being able to eat ‘properly’. Food has been an inner torment for me as far back as I can remember. I have tried all sorts of things over the years to sort out ‘my eating issues’ but to no avail. I got to the point that I accepted that eating disordered behaviour was just my lot in life. But when Dov asked me at the start of the year what I wanted to work on, I decided there was no harm in mentioning this to him. However, I didn’t hold out any great hopes for change. I have never been so happy to be wrong! Now, for the first time ever, I can eat like a normal regular human being. It feels so good not to be constantly tormented by food decisions every single day of my life. Such freedom! And it was a relatively easy process. Dov went way above and beyond my expectations when it came to encouragement and support.

5) I used to hate going to bed at night – that dates as far back as I remember too and got worse over the years. I have tried lots of things to ease the dread of snuggling down and some things worked for a while but nothing lasted. That has all changed. Now I feel very peaceful on the inside about going to bed when I feel sleepy in the evening and as I drift off, I look forward to waking up to live the next day.

6) I used to avoid the dentist and blood tests as I hate people poking things into me and hurting me. Now, I have my regular hygienist visits and the odd filling when I need it and I feel very confident in those situations without fear taking control. As for blood tests – I used to faint whenever I had a blood test even when I was lying down. And when I got past that stage and could stay conscious, fear still had a physical impact on me by shutting my veins down. Several nurses would take turns at me and prick me several times all over the place to get enough blood. Much to my embarrassment, the waiting room was jam-packed full when I eventually emerged from the room looking rather pale. Not anymore! Now I can get a blood test done and from one easy prick, one nurse gets a whole vile of blood. I feel so excited when I get up and walk out the door so quickly that I ring my husband to show off to him!

What I love most about the care that Dov offers is that he works directly with the way I store tension in my body to release that tension. That in combination with addressing the thinking aspect of how I do life works like magic! I don’t try to understand what Dov does or how he works anymore because I simply don’t get it! But what I do know is that his methods DO work. The effects are long term rather than just being situational and he has taught me techniques that I am able to implement in a multitude of situations – forever onwards.


I first met Dov when i was too scared to contemplate the future and was continually looking over my shoulder at the past. I was trapped in fear. Before meeting Dov I had tried many other approaches to work through the anxiety, most of which suppressed it just increasing the fear. Meeting with Dov was different. His connectedness, optimism , understanding, belief in me and non judgmental approach – combined with regular nsa and many practical strategies assisted me greatly in shifting the beliefs and thought patterns that had taken over my life.

If you have the opportunity to cross paths with this inspiring man, be prepared because your life will never be the same again.


For years I was suffering from anxiety and low self-esteem. I had tried medication and therapy but had limited success with those methods. Through Dov and the NSA care I now see the brighter side of life and I am much more prepared to deal with the challenges that life presents when in the past these challenges would get me down. My self-esteem has improved and I am looking forward to exploring new opportunities and interests this year when in the past I wouldn’t have had the courage to do so. Can’t thank you enough Dov.


I feel so blessed to have entered care with Dr. Dov – after less than a dozen sessions I have observed my whole perception transform – just so disappointed to have left NZ so soon after meeting him!

Dov is incredibly perceptive, intelligent and personal. He is intuitive and spiritually-minded in a totally grounded, practical way. He is lovingly honest and unpatronisingly empathetic.

I can’t say I understand the physical aspect of his practise, so I can only speak from experiential knowledge. After seeing Dov I feel more open-hearted, grounded, satisfied, relaxed and motivated.

I’ve struggled with various difficulties such as depression, insomnia, binge eating, anxiety and low self-esteem. I have felt positive effects on all of these symptoms, and many aspects have completely dissolved.

The amazing thing is that the changes are sustainable because Dov goes straight to the root and unearths that, not just treating the isolated symptoms. Of all the health and healing practitioners I’ve felt the effects of Dov’s work to be the most effective and lasting.

The joy and excitement of life is beginning to shine through again, and I can’t thank Dov enough for his heartfelt, expert care.

Thank you.


I feel very grateful to have been recommended to see you by lovely Tabby, at a time in my life where I think I was experiencing something that could probably been classified as a healing crisis. I was carrying a lot of emotional pain, had developed sensitivities to many different foods and was experiencing fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep and muscle pain. I had seen many different practitioners before coming to NSA, including a nutritionsist, several naturopaths, acupuncturists, some western medical doctors. I had been practicing various types of meditation, healing martial arts, did a qi gong course, and had tried to integrate more physical exercise into my life. All of these modalities had helped me in their own way (and some more signifcantly than others), but NSA helped me connect to my body in a profound way which was more integrated than anything I had ever previously experienced before. For the first few months I was just in a constant state of amazed disbelief about how significantly the work was able to shift things in me. I remember being quite surprised by how such gentle and minimal contacts were able to set healing in motion and tap into the body wisdom. Your high level of skill as a practitioner together with your genuineness, your compassionate nature and above all your sunny enthusiasm helped me a great deal, Dov, thank you. Beginning NSA work with you set off some major shifts in me where I was able to release some long held blocks (including past traumas) and found that in a short period of time my physical pain was no longer a problem, my experience of stress in life changed and there were overall positive changes with my energy, sleep and general feeling of wellbeing. I appreciate you sharing your passion for helping others access healing in themselves, and for the significant work you do to help create positive change. My wish is for NSA to be so common place in our health systems one day that it could be something that infants received from the time that they are newborn. How amazing would that be!


Before meeting Dov I was struggling with a huge amount of anxiety and panic attacks for approximately 7 years. At times they got quite debilitating for me and I was always afraid I was going to have a panic attack when ever I was away from home. Just got exhausting, so I found Dov through looking up on Google, first consultation was great, his extremely friendly nature made it really calming. I agreed to starting the sessions as I was just sick and tired of living like this. I just wanted freedom! I have only been seeing Dov for 3 weeks now and WOW, what a difference! I have had such a social last couple of weeks (which I don’t normally enjoy too much) and the most amazing thing is that I have not had any anxiety and panic attacks, or even the fear of having any!!!! I have really enjoyed myself and the people I have been spending time with. I am very amazed as I don’t really understand how it all works but am ok with that because I don’t have to, but I most certainly want more and more of this FREEDOM!!!! I am just looking forward to every session I have as it gives me that little bit more freedom in my mind, with my fears, with my anxiety. For anyone who is reading this and suffers from the same thing, mate, what are you waiting for – you just will not regret the decision. It has been the best gift I have ever spent on myself.