Break Free From Anxiety In As Little As 12-weeks By Retraining Your Nervous System 

Our new approach targets anxiety at the level where it is created, (the nervous system) both BODY and MIND aspects are addressed by combining aspects of neurology, personal change, wellness and transformation in a easy to follow system.

It’s true

There’s a new and different way for you to overcome your anxiety.

It's called neuro-cognitive wellness integration.

And it’s very different from common methods you’re likely familiar with because of how it helps people to actually OVERCOME their anxiety by addressing the cause by working with the nervous system.

And as you’ll see, it helps people to gain control of their symptoms (body and mind)  and make progress often from their very first session.

Best of all it does not require drugs with the potential negative side effects or for you to spend months stuck in therapy just talking about your problems.

And you will develop more trust in your self knowing that you have the tools for life, regardless of whether you have tried other approaches before that have failed you 

So if you want to learn to control your thoughts and lessen your anxiety and in most cases completely obliterate it in as little as 12 weeks, you want to pay close attention to what i’m going to share with you..

If your like most people who suffer from anxiety who come in to our clinic, then you have probably already tried a bunch of things to help with little success!

Most people I meet  in my clinic have tried breathing techniques, medication and or therapy/counselling. NONE of these common approaches work on the nervous system directly, so to me it's obvious why they don't work for most people.

Yes, many people find these approaches a little bit helpful for a short period of time. Or they find that because of these methods they are able to manage their anxiety a little bit better, but not move beyond it!

And to move beyond anxiety, to make it a thing of the past, you need to release all the tension that is bound in the nervous system that has accumulated over life from the stresses and traumas you have experienced.

To address the nervous system we integrate two powerful healing modalities that very few people in New Zealand know about. Not only do we work with your nervous system but we also help you with your mindset/thinking.

Another one of our key differences is our
'solutions focused feed forward mechanism' that we teach you. But why is this so crucial when working with people with anxiety?

One of the biggest challenges with anxiety is the more you focus on it, the worse it gets. Lots of people become anxious about being anxious. So we have to help you overcome it without fueling the problem. This is done by working within and focusing on a solutions framework - which we need to both map out together as this is unique to everyone.

The feed forward aspect acknowledges that we all learn at different paces, and sometimes things are easier to grasp for some people than others, rather than just saying do this and hoping it will work like lots of other approaches out there, we guide you through the process and help you to adapt along the way. With your feedback between sessions we keep tweaking until we get the changes we are seeking and because of this flexibility we can cater to a very large range of people and this actually speeds up the process.

The biggest point of difference is how we actually work directly with your nervous system, and if you are serious about overcoming anxiety you need to address it at this level.. especially if you want sustainable change. This is why the bodywork that we do is so valuable.

Stress and trauma gets anchored into the body and this needs to be addressed.

Our techniques for doing this not only successfully retrain your nervous system for healthier new responses. But will also result in many positive shifts too, such as more flexibility, more energy better sleep, less reaction to stress and less pain and tension in general. Rather than being stuck in reactive anxious mode - the flight or fight - what we call a defensive physiology, you will move into in more relaxed proactive state of being what we call a 'growth physiology'.

We have helped hundreds of people make shifts they did not even think was possible and we love what we do. We also really care about our clients and your transformation is important to us!

If your suffering panic attacks, always worrying, have phobias or post traumatic stress, social anxiety or general anxiety,  we can help! And help you beyond what you can probably believe is possible (many clients tell me that).

One thing I love about our approach is that we make it unique and relevant to you. As everyone is different we give you what you need, when you need it.

Even though we get amazing results consistently, no one approach can be right for everyone. Saying that.. we have done this for long enough and we have a very good idea of who we can and can't help.

As long as you are committed to resolving your anxiety,  if you have a strong desire, we can help most people with most types of anxiety.  We can even work this out in our first meeting, before you even have to pay a cent. If we don't believe we can help you, we will be straight up with you because we only take on new clients where we are confident we can help. We also track progress along the way.  And as long as you are making progress towards your goal we are happy. By the way, at Inspiring Wellness (name of our clinic)... progress feels great.

For about the same price as other approaches, you can be on the most effective path to overcoming anxiety by addressing it at the level of the nervous system.

Having anxiety and not doing anything about it can result in you feeling a bit helpless. You are reading this now hopefully because your at that point when you are ready to do something about it. However, wanting do something but putting it off, avoiding it, waiting for the right timing, or 'doing research' without taking action will lead to more suffering. BUT I want to help you out today.

I like this quote from Einstein.. "nothing happens until something moves".  And I want to encourage you to move into action. A small simple action you can take today. It''s a gift from me to you to motivate you to take some action and make your life better, just like it has for my clients.

A complimentary 30-minute discovery session on Zoom normally valued at $150

  • We will help you to create your solutions focused map - so you can be on the quickest path to breaking free from anxiety.
  • Help you understand the body mind nervous system connection, and why this important for overcoming anxiety and how to work with it.
  • Give you a simple and powerful technique to take charge and change the way you feel at will! 

We only have very limited availability - 4 spaces each week so please only fill in this form if you are genuinely interested in overcoming your anxiety and want to work with me and you promise to show up to the time is super valuable to me. On the zoom you can ask any questions you have. 

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 7 things to avoid doing if you suffer from anxiety...

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I have been doing this for 13 years in my clinic in Auckland CBD, I have written a book on anxiety, run online courses and most importantly get amazing results for my clients.

You are in good hands.

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