Dov Phillips

Owner of Inspiring Wellness, a wellness and personal transformation clinic in Auckland CBD. I love helping my clients take back their lives, regain their health and get a whole new higher quality of life. 

I understand how meeting someone new and starting a program could make you feel a little unneasy, so I want to give you a feel for what I'm like personally and let you know a little bit about how I see the world.

I've been nicknamed "Dr. Happy."

That’s because I’m naturally a very upbeat, positive-minded person. I frankly feel blessed to be alive and experiencing this amazing world of ours. Yes, I’m also well aware of all the pain and destruction in the world, which makes what I do more important to me. I find true joy and fulfilment in helping people gain insights and achieve major transformations in their lives.

People with anxiety say I have a calming effect.

My heart goes out to everyone who is anxious or fearful about issues in their lives. I can be like a “whisperer” who eases you out of those unhealthy feelings. Once you’re freed from your anxieties, we can venture into a whole new realm of wonderful possibilities!

Laugh your way to wellness!

Comedy is another big passion of mine. I’ve belonged to an improv group, I’ve performed in the comedy festival a few years in a row, plus I’ve done stand-up on occasion. I believe humour can be an essential element (when appropriate, of course) of any effective wellness program.

I love my life.

Well most the time anyway,  I love being a Kiwi! By that I mean I really enjoy the outdoors, be it bush walks, surfing, skiing or hiking. I love paying games like darts, chess, cards, and pool.

I also love being Dad to my two boys, 14 and 9 years old. I love my Best Friend and Wife, who is involved behind the scenes as a Practice Manager.

What to expect during our first session.

We want you to feel safe, comfortable and open-minded in your first experience with our process. The first visit is designed to get you on the fast track to success, meaning we need to know what specifically to do to help YOU, as everyone is unique. Essentially, we’re creating a map of what it is we need to do to help you with both your body and mind, to break out of destructive patterns and help create new healthy ones.

I Naturally Gravitated To Wellness.

I have been fascinated with self help for the past 28 years, always learning new interesting ways to help people make profound changes. 

I studied at Auckland university and have a degree in Pharmacology. I then studied Chiropractic and graduated in 2007. From there, I learnt and studied 'Network Spinal Analysis' and received the highest level of accreditation.  

I opened my Wellness Clinic 18 years ago and have been 'specialising' in Anxiety for the last 12 years. I have written two books, one on Anxiety, and have created a few online courses and have run a few online programs for people around the world who are suffering with anxiety and teach them how to break free.

The more I learned through study and experience, the more I understood that a person’s overall wellness is key. As this wellness is developed, it makes everything in life much more meaningful and vastly more enjoyable. Over those years, I gradually formulated a unique, comprehensive philosophy about wellness: what I believe it is, how I can help you to achieve it, how you can maintain and continually enhance it.