Make your 2023 

a year of Wellness

(because you deserve it)

A one time special deal from me Dov :) to help you make this year better!

Why we made this Special deal for our OLD clients

We want to encourage you to have your strategies (that you already invested in) active and working for you... So many of my past clients have strategies that are lying dormant and life is a little harder than it needs to be.. So come in and try regular once a month sessions - it's a tiny commitment, but I have noticed that the people who do this get amazing results. Life is so much better with regular NSA care

What you get in this special one off New Years Package

  1. 1
    12 sessions for the price of 10 sessions - you save $150 - One session a month 
  2. 2
    One bonus CWI - Cognitive Wellness Integration ( a one on one with Dov - me) - save $150
  3. 3
    Our Intermediate - Next Level Wellness Online course -  Save $360 : LOVE this course, it is super powerful.

That's $1,410 value for just $750

Only valid for PAST clients of Inspiring Wellness

(sessions do not need to be used once a month - just recommended)