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"Trauma lives in the body, and addressing it physically is crucial for emotional release" Dr. Brenda Mallory, clinical psychologist.

In our clinic, 

we understand that trauma isn't just a mental battle; it's a physical one as well. Trauma leaves imprints not only on the mind but also deeply within the body.

 That's why our approach to healing trauma involves a unique and effective method called Network Spinal Analysis, which integrates body and mind to take your nervous system out of surviving and towards a life that is thriving.

Holistic Approach to Wellness

Experience a holistic transformation with treatments that support both mental wellness and physical health, accelerating trauma recovery and enhancing your natural ability to heal and thrive.

Personalised Healing Journey

Unlock your potential for wellness with treatments that are precisely adjusted to your life’s rhythms and personal health journey, ensuring every session contributes to your overall recovery and well-being.

Gentle, Non-invasive Treatment

Experience powerful results with our non-invasive therapies that are as gentle on the body as they are effective, ensuring your path to recovery is comfortable and stress-free.

Why It's Essential to Work with the Body in Trauma Recovery

Trauma affects more than just your thoughts and emotions. It can alter your body's natural reactions, leaving you in a constant state of alertness or numbness. As Bessel van der Kolk, a leading expert in trauma, famously states, "The body keeps the score." This highlights that traumatic experiences are physically stored within the body, often manifesting as chronic stress or tension (NICABM).

Our therapy focuses on these physical aspects by using gentle, precise touches that help the body shift out of its defensive state caused by trauma. This method not only aids in alleviating mental health symptoms but also addresses the physical symptoms that come with PTSD.

The Power of Network Spinal Analysis in Healing Trauma

Network Spinal Analysis is a revolutionary approach that encourages your body to develop new strategies for healing and wellness. This technique does not involve traditional manipulations but rather employs gentle, precise touches to specific areas of the spine. These touches cue the nervous system to move from a state of defense to one of peace and safety, promoting a natural healing process.

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I have learned to live life looking forwards rather than backwards – focusing on where I am going rather than just getting away from the pain in my past. My experience of everyday life is vastly improved because of this.

What I love most about the care that Dov offers is that he works directly with the way I store tension in my body to release that tension. That in combination with addressing the thinking aspect of how I do life works like magic! I don’t try to understand what Dov does or how he works anymore because I simply don’t get it! But what I do know is that his methods DO work. The effects are long term rather than just being situational and he has taught me techniques that I am able to implement in a multitude of situations – forever onwards.


I first met Dov when i was too scared to contemplate the future and was continually looking over my shoulder at the past. I was trapped in fear. Before meeting Dov I had tried many other approaches to work through the anxiety, most of which suppressed it just increasing the fear.

Meeting with Dov was different. His connectedness, optimism , understanding, belief in me and non judgmental approach – combined with regular nsa and many practical strategies assisted me greatly in shifting the beliefs and thought patterns that had taken over my life.

If you have the opportunity to cross paths with this inspiring man, be prepared because your life will never be the same again.

"Integrative approaches that include physical therapy can significantly enhance trauma recovery,"  Dr. Christine Park, trauma recovery expert.

Time for a new you

Embrace a Holistic Approach to Trauma Therapy

At Inspiring Wellness, we believe in treating trauma by acknowledging its profound impact on both body and mind. By addressing the physical symptoms directly through Network Spinal Analysis, we help integrate traumatic memories and restore your body's sense of safety, allowing you to feel present and engaged in your life once again.

Understanding and treating trauma involves more than just talking; it requires a holistic approach that heals the body as well as the mind. As Peter Levine says, "Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence" (Psychotherapy Networker Catalog).

With our approach, we offer you a pathway out of the shadows of your past, towards a brighter, healthier future.

 "Addressing the physical manifestations of trauma is essential for comprehensive healing," 

Dr. Rachel Nguyen, psychotherapist specialising in trauma."

"Physical therapies are pivotal in trauma recovery, facilitating mental healing through the body," Dr. Allen Beck, trauma specialist.

Why move through life, 'just coping',

when you can THRIVE

Overcome PTSD and the Negative Effects of Trauma

Most of our clients have explored various therapies without success, which can lead to skepticism. That's natural. At Inspiring Wellness, we understand that every individual's journey is unique, which is why our approach is tailored to address anxiety in general, not just trauma.

Contact us today to learn how our unique methods can help you live the life you deserve. In a personal conversation with our owners, we'll explore whether our approach is right for you. We only take on clients when we are confident we can help. 


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