How To STOP Living With Anxiety And Love Your Life A Lot More

12-Week Transformational Program

What if 

What if there was an easy 12 week process that you could go through and end up living your life, anxiety free?

We have helped so many clients transform their lives and in the process massively reduce or completely eliminate their anxiety. Now it could be your turn…

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 Our new approach is unique and highly effective because we...

1. Address the Cause

Target anxiety at the level where it originates - which is the nervous system.  We address the CAUSE!

2. Body and MIND

Work with strategies in BOTH the body and mind.

3. Drug Free

Holistic, drug-free approach. 

We can teach you strategies in both body and mind to help you live a life of greater freedom and happiness by reducing the stress and trauma that is anchored in your body. We help you become more resilient, happier and enjoy life a LOT more.

Anxiety, in the majority of cases, is caused by too much stress that has accumulated over one's life; all built up and nowhere to go.

We would love to help you develop the skills you need so you too can break free from anxiety!

A new and effective way to

Overcome Anxiety

Many methods help people to manage their anxiety .. but this keeps it still there!

We actually aim to help you to OVERCOME your anxiety by addressing the cause, and by working with the nervous system.

Many approaches take months or years with varying degrees of success - with our approach, clients often make progress from their very first session.

Best of all, it does not require drugs with the potential negative side effects

You also don't have to spend months stuck in therapy just talking about your problems.

Regardless of whether you have tried other approaches before that have failed you, if you can keep a slightly open mind, I can help you.

Most people I meet in my clinic have tried breathing techniques, medication, and/or therapy/counseling. NONE of these common approaches work on the nervous system directly, so to me it's obvious why they won't work for most people.

Yes, many people find these approaches a little bit helpful for a short period of time. Or, they find that because of these methods, they are able to manage their anxiety a little bit better - but not move beyond it!

And to move beyond anxiety, to make it a thing of the past, you need to release all the tension that is bound in the nervous system that has accumulated over life from the stresses and traumas you have experienced.

To address the nervous system, we integrate two powerful healing modalities that very few people in New Zealand know about. Not only do we work with your nervous system, but we also help you with your mindset/thinking.

But the biggest point of difference is how we actually work directly with your nervous system, and if you are serious about overcoming anxiety, you need to address it at this level - especially if you want sustainable change. This is why the bodywork that we do is so valuable.

Stress and trauma gets anchored into the body, and this needs to be addressed.

Our techniques for doing this not only successfully retrain your nervous system for healthier new responses, but will also result in many positive shifts too; such as more flexibility, more energy, better sleep, less reaction to stress, and less pain and tension in general. Rather than being stuck in reactive anxious mode - the flight or fight - what we call defensive physiology, you will move into a more relaxed and proactive state of being - what we call a 'growth physiology'.

We have helped hundreds of people make shifts they did not even think were possible and we love what we do. We also really care about our clients and your transformation is important to us!

If you are suffering from panic attacks, always worrying, post traumatic stress, social anxiety or general anxiety,  we can help! And help you beyond what you can probably believe is possible (many clients tell me that).

One thing I love about our approach is that we make it unique and relevant to you. As everyone is different, we give you what you need, when you need it.

We help most types of anxiety across a wide range of ages and we get amazing results every day because we work with the nervous system in both body and mind

Get Control of Your Anxiety: 

Empower Yourself 

Take Charge Today

Even though we get amazing results consistently, no one approach can be right for everyone. Saying that, we have done this for long enough that we have a very good idea of who we can and can't help. 

As long as you are committed to resolving your anxiety, if you have a strong desire to, we can help most people with most types of anxiety. We can even work this out normally before you even have to pay a cent. Just contact us and we can make a time to chat with you and answer any questions you have about how we can help you overcome anxiety.

If we don't believe we can help you, we will be straight up with you because we only take on new clients who we are confident we can help. We also track progress along the way.  And as long as you are making progress towards your goal, we are happy. By the way, with our approach... progress feels great.

For about the same price as other approaches, you can be on the most effective path to overcoming anxiety by addressing it at the level of the nervous system.

Having anxiety and not doing anything about it can result in you feeling a bit helpless. You are reading this now hopefully because you are at that point when you are ready to do something about it. However, wanting to do something but putting it off, avoiding it, waiting for the right timing, or 'doing research' without taking action, will inevitably lead to more suffering. 

I like this quote from Einstein.. "nothing happens until something moves".  

So I want to encourage you to move into action and contact us today so we can help you take back control of your body and mind.

Real people.

Real stories.



"The results were outstanding. The course gave me strategies to deal with the anxiety and the entrainments gave me the ability to heal from past traumas, increase my energy levels and experience life more authentically.

My experience at Inspiring Wellness has been life-changing and I am forever grateful to Dov for what he has been able to do for me and for my daughter." (Full testimonial click here)


"Before I started my sessions with Dov, I was having panic attacks in supermarkets, wasn’t able to go out for dinners, I was miserable and so stuck. During time with Dov I have (not only) be able to go back to supermarkets (such a glorious place), I’m able to enjoy dinners, succeed in my postgraduate study so much that I got a doctoral scholarship and ultimately enjoy my life again." (Full testimonial click here)

Contact us today to find out if we can help you. START YOUR JOURNEY WITH US!


What I love most about the care that Dov offers is that he works directly with the way I store tension in my body to release that tension. That in combination with addressing the thinking aspect of how I do life works like magic! I don’t try to understand what Dov does or how he works anymore because I simply don’t get it! But what I do know is that his methods DO work. The effects are long term rather than just being situational and he has taught me techniques that I am able to implement in a multitude of situations – forever onwards.


"Meeting with Dov was different. His connectedness, optimism , understanding, belief in me and non judgmental approach – combined with regular nsa and many practical strategies assisted me greatly in shifting the beliefs and thought patterns that had taken over my life.

If you have the opportunity to cross paths with this inspiring man, be prepared because your life will never be the same again."


As I progressed through care, releasing tension and re-balancing my nervous system, I very quickly noticed a difference in the anxiety – to the point where it resolved back to a ‘normal’ level. Along the way we also explored a different way of thinking. This, combined with the NSA, has allowed me to be living without panic attacks or over the top anxiety consistently for the first time in over 20 years! The biggest thing for me is this has been a lasting change for which I am extremely grateful.


For the first few months I was just in a constant state of amazed disbelief about how significantly the work was able to shift things in me. I remember being quite surprised by how such gentle and minimal contacts were able to set healing in motion and tap into the body wisdom. Your high level of skill as a practitioner together with your genuineness, your compassionate nature and above all your sunny enthusiasm helped me a great deal, Dov, thank you.

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Most of my clients have tried many other approaches that have not worked, so naturally, some people are a little skeptical at first.

In our conversation, we will be able to identify if you are likely to respond well to our approach. Just so you know, we only take on clients we are very confident we can help! (we can help most types of anxiety).

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