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“How to transform your life and make anxiety a thing of your past”




we teach people strategies in both body and mind to help them live a life of greater freedom and happiness by reducing the stress and trauma that is anchored in their body, and helping them develop a healthier more resilient -growth mindset


… and because anxiety is a nervous system response, one of the ways we help our clients to break free from anxiety is by re-training the nervous system. We do this in our beautiful Auckland CBD based wellness and personal transformation Clinic.


Our approach is unique and effective because … 

  • we have a holistic approach
  • it is safe for all ages
  • NO Medication used 
  • we work with both Body and MIND
  • we re-train your nervous system
  • we support you along with all parts of the journey
  • we focus on results that are most important to you
  • our results are effective long term 
  • our clients actually look forward to coming in for their sessions
  • we get life-changing results often starting from the very first session 
  • we really care about our clients!!!





“Helping people break free from anxiety begins with re-training the nervous system”




This book is definitely not a mainstream approach to the management of anxiety and stress, however I found it invaluable in helping to gain a different perspective on the problem, leading to a paradigm shift that moves me constantly towards a solution.


There are so many books that have been written on anxiety. and each of them from the authors perspective of what has supposedly worked for them and their clients. From what I have read and seen. Not all books are created equal!

After helping so many clients in my clinic, where other so-called experts had failed them, I decided that our unique perspective was worth sharing especially as our results were outstanding.

This book is full of insights, tips based on the many conversations I had with clients where they had their aha moment and life began to improve.

Everyone who attends our webinar gets the first chapter,  so you can start learning new things straight away, today.


– Please join us for our free webinar –



“How to transform your life and make anxiety a thing of your past”

In this webinar you will learn more about anxiety, what it is, why people get stuck with it for years/decades, why we are getting extraordinary results, and what you can do to start taking control of your life and break free from Anxiety today.

In this webinar, you will also discover if our approach is a perfect fit for you before you spend any money – because we value your time and money.

If you want help to resolve your anxiety – we can help you!