by Dovvy Phillips

Why I Love to Help People With Anxiety

July 11, 2016 | Tips and Insights

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Why I Love to Help People

with Anxiety

I love helping clients with Anxiety – Let me explain why.

I work with so many people of different stages of life, ages, cultures etc. and they come in to see me with such a range of conditions. They all come from a result of too much stress in their life affecting the body and mind and this stress is manifested in many different ways. Anxiety is one of them.

If I can help someone I am happy to, and one thing that I find truly rewarding, time and time again, is helping people with anxiety. On reflection, I realised that the person who is suffering from anxiety has a few traits in common. Of course, not always, but this seems to be the case in the large majority of my clients.

I have noticed that people with anxiety are ambitious within themselves. They really want answers, they want a solution! This makes my work a pleasure because this is an exact match – to create a resolution. The stronger the will someone has to get well, to be better – the better the results. If you really want to make a change and transform your life, you will. If it is just something that you want a little bit, not much will change. People with anxiety – are aware it can be so destructive to life that it really motivates someone to want to change, and the quicker the better.

They accept that they don’t know all the answers and are happy to learn and explore new ideas and strategies.

I have also noticed that many people are still stuck in the blame game of justification. People with anxiety seem to take responsibility for their own thinking, for their life, know that they can change and really want to do something about it. They are not blaming others they are seeking help. But, ironically, here comes the problem – they go and seek help.

Often someone will go to their doctor, healer, psychologist and they will try to ‘fix’ them – but if they get prescribed drugs, at best, this just masks the problem. Not helping them resolve anything at a core level. If they just address the mind they are missing the most important element and so often results are far from satisfactory. Often my clients, so willing to resolve the anxiety, will still continue to look elsewhere determined to beat this condition knowing that deep down it’s possible. That’s why they are so pleased to meet me. And when they get such great results, not only do they live life anxiety free but all that energy that has been consumed in managing it, or keeping it at bay, also becomes available. So they have more energy to really enjoy life with.

Sometimes sadly – people believe they need to live with it. I have had a few clients tell me that they have been told by some expert that they will have it for the rest of their lives and they have to learn to be like this. I know this is not true because of the transformations I have seen in my clinic – people who have had anxiety for decades learnt to resolve it – and then they live a life free of it. I have seen this so many times. I love the fact that our brains have the ability to change, to grow and evolve and as we do our lives get better. If you have been told this limited way of seeing the world, if you have been to a few people in the past and not got the results you want yet – don’t give up. It’s not in your nature. And when you make these breakthroughs, which are what I see every day, I can tell you that they are so empowering your life will get better and better. And you will be super happy – and this makes my job more fun. Simply because I have clients consistently making great progress surrounding me. They are also grateful for the help.

If you would like some help so you can resolve your anxiety, call or email us.

About the author, Dovvy Phillips


I am the owner of Inspiring Wellness, a wellness and personal transformation clinic in Auckland CBD and the Author of “Wellness Words, How To Think, Speak, And Feel Great” and “How To Break Free From Anxiety”. I love helping my clients take back their lives, regain their health and get a whole new higher quality of life. If you are curious if we can help you, please contact us. We are here to help you.

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