by Dovvy Phillips

How Can Someone With Anxiety Be So Brave?

March 23, 2022 | Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Tips and Insights, Types of anxiety

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So often my clients, when they first come in to see me, share with me the fear they feel on a regular basis. The hurts, the pains, life’s stresses and where they are stuck etc.

I see many patterns  over and over again. One I find interesting is that clients often are ashamed of their anxiety, sometimes they feel like it means they are weak or perhaps broken. For many it causes them to lose confidence or self esteem.

They may say that they see themselves now as a bit weaker or fearful.

I listen to their history and on the inside I am often seeing things a little differently

I have been known to interrupt people’s train of thought  – especially when someone is in a negative pattern that I can see is actually causing them more pain !

I will stop them and ask ” So you don’t think of yourself as brave?” When they say YES… I say, I kindly disagree!.. 

Can I share with you what I see, and what I have just got from listening to you?

“You just told me how much trauma you have gone through… that’s more than enough on its own!, You struggle every day! You have for years… You struggle and barely anybody knows what’s going on.. You often have to put on a brave face!!!  Your tired and exhausted because being anxious takes up sooo much energy. AND YET YOU STILL EVERYDAY PUSH ON!!!. I think this is more like a Warriors attitude you have! It’s hard and yet you push through.. To me that takes an immense inner strength and that I think is amazing.. I see you as courageous“.

I like it when people start to see another perspective, when they see the truth in what I am saying, they begin to be able to more easily tap into what is always within.

I then go on to explain that so many people have anxiety and do nothing about it.. but YOU I say “You are one of the few who have decided to do something about it, and when you tried something that did not work, you looked for another solution and that did not work and you did not give up! You have now found me… Most people complain about not liking anxiety.. You’re brave enough to admit you need help/ guidance/support and wise enough to make that happen…

This is why I enjoy working with people with anxiety. 

About the author, Dovvy Phillips


I am the owner of Inspiring Wellness, a wellness and personal transformation clinic in Auckland CBD and the Author of “Wellness Words, How To Think, Speak, And Feel Great” and “How To Break Free From Anxiety”. I love helping my clients take back their lives, regain their health and get a whole new higher quality of life. If you are curious if we can help you, please contact us. We are here to help you.

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