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To resole your anxiety first …

book in an initial consultation with Dov Phillips – Owner of Inspiring Wellness at our Auckland based wellness clinic in the CBD.

…Most of my clients have tried many other approaches that have not worked, so naturally, some people are a little sceptical at first.

In our Initial consultation, I will be able to identify if you are likely to respond well to our approach. Just so you know, we only take on clients we are very confident we can help! (we can help most types of anxiety)

This consultation also gives you the chance to come in, meet me and ask any questions you have. Often you will also have your first “Entrainment” (when appropriate) – An entrainment is a session, where we begin to retrain your nervous system for healthier responses and life of a lot less anxiety. This is what sets our clinic apart and why we get amazing results. 

Depending on your history, how intense your anxiety is, how long you have had it, what your goals are etc will depend on how many sessions you need. This will be discussed in your inital consultation.

Our Guarantee to you. 

If at the end of the initial consultation, you don’t feel that you are in the right place and you don’t wish to continue with care, then we will refund you the initial consultation fee that you paid.

If I decide that our clinic is not appropriate for you (I don’t take on everyone) I will also refund you.

We help people by creating new effective strategies, in BOTH body and mind. We do this by working on your nervous system using a combination of very powerful and effective techniques that we have been applying, studying and mastering for the last 12 years and helping 100’s of people transform their life.

This is a holistic drug free approach. 

Book yourself in an initial consultation using the link below. 

Initial Consultation : $150

Regular session (Entrainment) : $85

Tuesday: 4pm -7:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am -1:20pm

Thursday: 4:00pm-7:00pm

Friday: 11:00am -120pm

Corner Of Albert And Wyndham St

Level 1: Wherescape Towers

Above Hollywood Bakery

If you have any questions feel free to contact us 

[email protected]


“I turned to Dov when I was at my wit’s end. I’d honestly tried everything to rid myself of this anxiety. I was at rock bottom and in a dark place. And, boy, am I glad I met him when I did. The work he does is amazing. With his help, I came off my medication and I haven’t looked back. Every day, I stand on the wellness shift and finally feel like I have a compelling future to look forward to again. Without Dov and Inspiring Wellness, I certainly think I’d still be stuck in that rut. He’s a legend.”

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