Free to Be Me 

Your First Step Towards Overcoming Social Anxiety

6-week Transformational Program

[Two options : online and/or in person]

Are you tired of social anxiety holding you back from being the person you know you can be? It's time to break free and embrace a life full of social confidence and joy. 

Welcome to "Free To Be Me," a specially designed course aimed at addressing the inner challenges of social anxiety.

Social anxiety doesn’t just reside in your thoughts; it also manifests in your body’s reactions. It's a dance between your mind and body, and mastering both is the key to overcoming social anxiety.

Welcome to "Free To Be Me," a holistic course designed to address both the mindset and bodily aspects of social anxiety, offering you a comprehensive approach to finding your social confidence.

 If there was an easy, step-by-step process that you could go through and end up living without social anxiety, would you do it?

We have helped so many clients transform their lives and in the process massively reduced or completely eliminated their social anxiety. Now it could be your turn…

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Our approach is unique and effective because:

  • We have a holistic approach
  • It is safe for all ages
  • NO Medication is used
  • We work with both BODY and MIND
  • We re-train your nervous system
  • We support you along all parts of the journey
  • We focus on results that are most important to you
  • Our results are effective & long-term
  • Our clients actually look forward to coming in for their sessions - can start online if need.
  • We get life-changing results, often starting from the very first session
  • We really care about our clients!!!
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Why Choose Our Free To Be Me Program?

Dual Approach: Our course uniquely addresses both the mindset and the nervous system aspects of social anxiety, providing a holistic approach to overcoming your fears and embracing social interactions.

Affordable Entry Options: We believe in making powerful transformations accessible. This course is offered at an entry price, making it a low-risk, high-reward first step on your journey towards overcoming social anxiety. 

Pathway to Transformation: "Free To Be Me" is not just a standalone course;  more of a stepping stone into a transformational journey of self empowerment and breaking free from anxiety.

Course Highlights Mindset Mastery: Delve into the root causes of social anxiety, understand the power of mindset, and learn practical strategies to reduce and eliminate anxiety in social situations. 

Body Work: Discover how your nervous system reacts to social scenarios and learn techniques to calm your body’s response, making social interactions feel more natural and less threatening.

Practical tools: You will learn tools for a variety of different situations making many more social situations more effortless to be yourself.

To overcome social anxiety from your life...

Contact us and we can arrange a time for you to talk with Dov Phillips – Owner of Inspiring Wellness. You can ask any questions about our 6 week course 'Free To Be Me', and how we help people overcome anxiety.

Most of our clients have tried many other approaches that have not worked, so naturally, some people are a little skeptical at first. 

In the conversation, Dov will be able to identify if you are likely to respond well to our approach. 

Just so you know, we only take on clients we are very confident we can help!

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