About Us

Dov Phillips

I am a father of two and married to Joy (see below - she is our practice manager). I was born in New Zealand and like; comedy, skiing, walking, swimming, surfing (but really bad at it and a bit lazy these days), meditation and learning about how we can make changes and make our lives better. 

I have been fascinated with self help for the past 28 years, always learning new interesting ways to help people make profound changes. 

I studied Auckland university and have a degree in pharmacology.

I then studied Chiropractic and Graduated in 2007

From there I learnt and Studied 'Network Spinal Analysis' and received the highest level of accreditation.

I opened my Wellness Clinic 13 years ago and have been 'specialising' in Anxiety for the last 7 years

I love my life, and seem to be really really good at helping people make a transformation and overcome their anxiety.

Joy Phillips

Joy works really hard behind the scenes as our practice manager,  helping people with appointments, creating a schedule, offers support and helps you find the right information when you need it. 

Joy is a super content being, caring and lovable.

She is often responding to emails at crazy times at night an even occasionally in the weekends...

She also really does care about your success and wellbeing.