Dov Phillips

I am a father of two. I was born in New Zealand and like; comedy, skiing, walking, swimming, surfing (but really bad at it and a bit lazy these days), meditation and learning about how we can make changes and make our lives better. 

I have been fascinated with self help for the past 28 years, always learning new interesting ways to help people make profound changes. 

I studied Auckland university and have a degree in pharmacology.

I then studied Chiropractic and Graduated in 2007

From there I learnt and Studied 'Network Spinal Analysis' and received the highest level of accreditation.

I opened my Wellness Clinic 13 years ago and have been 'specialising' in Anxiety for the last 7 years

I have written two books, one on Anxiety. and have created a few online courses and have run a few online programs for people around the world who are suffering with anxiety and teach them how to break free.

I love my life, and seem to be really really good at helping people make a transformation and overcome their anxiety.