How to Break Free From Anxiety:

A Transformational Guide to Wellness

In this book you will learn many techniques and strategies that will greatly help you. If you suffer from anxiety, then this book is an essential read and a great way to start your journey, moving you one giant step closer towards breaking free.

“This book was created from the exact same insights and tips that I have used to help hundreds of clients learn to break free from anxiety.”

When anxiety’s in the driving seat, it can feel like your life is taking a one way trip down the wrong road. Being overwhelmed on a day to day basis truly isn’t something that you need to put up with.

Whether you’re worried about the past, your present or your future, or simply confused about the causes of anxiety and the treatments available to you, help is at hand.

With his unique holistic approach, in this book Dov clearly reveals the simple yet powerful strategies and techniques that he has used throughout many successful years helping people just like you to take back control, build the lives they want and break free from anxiety. Hear their stories, discover just how they reached their successes – and create your own with the simple guidance and tactics found within.