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What Is Your Recipe For Anxiety?

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It's a weird question, right?

Another way of asking it could be, "How do you do anxiety?"

I know most people will be thinking, BUT I don't do anxiety! Anxiety is something that happens to me.

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That is exactly how it feels for so many of my clients - as if anxiety is something that happens to you. The problem with this type of thinking is that it actually keeps people stuck in anxious patterns, sometimes for decades!

Anxiety is actually a response that is activated when there is too much stress placed upon the nervous system. The fight or flight is activated, but often not appropriately. We feel anxious, and we don't know why. It seems like it just comes out of nowhere at times. It is like there is a switch that activates this fight or flight response. However, we don't know where it is to turn it off. It feels like something that is happening to us without us having any control.

But what if the very things in life that were flicking the fight or flight 'switch' to be on, and staying on, were things that you were doing in life unconsciously? What happens if you were doing things and not even aware that they were causing you harm? These could include things like thinking in a certain way, breathing in a certain way, holding your posture in a habitual way,  automatically reacting or being defensive, being a perfectionist, or having high standards to name a few.

What happens if you were stuck thinking in a certain way about future events (seeing what could go wrong)? Maybe this is just a habitual way of thinking and you never really thought about it. Is it holding tension in your upper chest that is restricting your breathing causing you to hyperventilate? You might just think you hold onto lots of tension in your body, BUT you are failing to realise how this is having a negative impact on your life. But what if you could become AWARE of what you were doing that was causing your anxiety and then at that level, replace this negative strategy (that was causing you to be anxious) with a new healthier response. What would that mean for you, if you no longer had anxiety if you could learn to overcome it?

When I help my clients overcome anxiety, they go through a process with me where they become conscious/aware of what they were doing unconsciously and discover how it was affecting them. This does many things, but what's most exciting is that when they discover this they become empowered because they have a handle if you will. They have something they can grab onto and are finally in control while being able to now see a possible future where they will be free from anxiety. We consistently help people and are getting amazing results, often results they were not getting by seeing other healers/therapists or by doing breathing exercises or medication.

For most people, there are many things that are going on simultaneously that are causing them to be anxious. So it's often not just one strategy that needs to be transformed but a few all coming together. That's why I call it a recipe. Because just like with any recipe there are specific ingredients that all come together in a specific way that creates the result.

So what if you could uncover your recipe for anxiety and then have a simple to follow plan of action that would help you live anxiety free.

How much would that improve your life?

In my clinic my first consultation is always about finding out how you got to where you are, BUT also helping you uncover some of the major elements of your 'recipe'. What strategies are you currently doing that are causing you to be living with anxiety?

It is hard for me to explain how I go about this process to help my clients discover this but I can tell you that it is an enjoyable, very thought provoking discovery process.

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