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Are you anxious about being anxious?

change your thoughts - change your world

What you'll discover on this live webinar:

  • the things you need to know about anxiety if you want to break free from it
  • what you need to stop doing/thinking so you can take control of your mind
  • what you can do to make progress starting from now

Lots more, I attend many webinars and don't enjoy a big sales pitch the whole way through! So I promise you, that our main focus is to add value and teach you things that few know about anxiety. Things you need to know to if you want to break free.

  •  myths people have which keep them stuck
  • how to break the loop of being anxious about being anxious
  • and how you can change your world by changing your thoughts


Dov Phillips

Owner of Inspiring Wellness and author of "How to break free from Anxiety, a transformational guide to wellness" and Wellness Words.

I have been told before that I give the best webinars

If you  suffer from anxiety it is only a matter of time before you get to that point when you are ready to learn how to overcome it. 

So why am I doing this FREE WEBINAR?  because there is so much below average unhelpful information out there. AS a result many people have to explore lots of different things(counselling/therapy/breathing/medications) to very little success. To me, that is frustrating, especially when I know I can help you so much. So would like to start now,

It does not matter so much, where you are right now.. but which direction you are heading? 

 and that is a wonderful thing to know, especially if your not in a great place, because it means even if you only learn something small but that helps you grow in any way, it makes your life better.

Inspiring Wellness has a very unique approach. We work with both BODY and MIND through the Nervous system. and we are getting consistent amazing life enhancing results with our 12-week program. 

If you are curious about what we are doing in our clinic and how we are getting amazing life changing results or you want to just come to our LIVE webinar and you can ask some questions, it's not on zoom, so you wont need to be on the camera, you can just watch me,  we will keep the group small so you can have your questions answered.

I want the webinar to have a fun feel, so expect that

If you ready to learn how to change your thoughts and change your world then please register for the webinar and we will see you soon.

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