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To help YOU break free from anxiety, I need a little more information

We have created a very quick questionaire, if you answer it, I can send you specific infomration that will be relevant to you.

My goal is to help you learn how to break free from anxiety. Becuase anxiety affects so many people in different ways, and there is so much going on, if you answer a few quick questions, I can send you the most relevant and helpful information, tips and insights. 

My name is Dov Phillips, I have written the book "How to break free from Anxiety, A transfromational guide to wellness" and have a wellness Clinic in Aucklands CBD where we help people hundreds of people break free from anxiety. We are getting amazing success stories every day. Our approach is holistic, DRUG FREE, and we work with BOTH body and mind. If you want to break free from anxiety, I can very likely help you.  

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