Wellness Mindset Mastery is a 12-week personal transformation course, designed to help people who are suffering from anxiety, learn the Mindset  to create a  profound shift in one’s level of wellbeing  and break free from anxiety.

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Wellness Mindset Mastery

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Thank you so much, Dov, you have changed my way of thinking & my life.


Many sincere thanks for your wonderful inspiration. Thank you for your amazing guidance! This morning in your room, I saw myself 6 months into the future, looking back at me now, saying, All is well. So stay in present time and enjoy the NOW –  I feel a massive weight off my shoulders! I am celebrating! Thank you


Dov today I felt so effing incredible. (My resilience is through the roof holy shit. I was at the climbing gym today with my holiday program kids and they are relentless, and things that would usually bother me are now becoming back ground noise). My nervous system just doesn’t go off like it used to. The voice in my head is like – I can be scared, or I can speak with enthusiasm – use my energy as excitement, or fear.


I am doing great, I am doing excellent and my mind is shifting and shaping every day. It’s my thoughts, my experiences, my understanding the whole package creating this incredible movement, movement towards a bright future. My funnel is getting smaller all the time, the words and the feelings are changing as I was able to unpack them and break them into new words which are fully able to describe how I feel and why I feel the certain way. It’s not because I am anxious, I don’t use that word anymore.

My body is talking to me, telling me what it need and I just need to listen instead of shouting back at it…


So many really helpful life-tips. I regularly do the night-time review and find it really useful. It helps me to turn situations that I felt bad about into helpful learning that I then apply and feel good about.


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