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How to Overcome Your Anxiety:

Who will win? - You or your anxiety

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Anxiety affects people in so many different ways. I am amazed when clients come in for help to break free from anxiety, how differently it manifests for everyone. Of course you can group them into patterns and similarities, but everyone is unique.

Having anxiety for many people will become something they try to ignore. For some it will be a small inconvenience, whereas others are consumed by it and will do whatever they can to get rid of it. Then there are some people who believe they need to live with it for the rest of their lives so they just suck it up the best they can and learn to live with it.  Sadly, many healers, therapist and doctors encourage this often incorrect view.

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I know for many people having lived with anxiety for such a long time, where the anxiety to have become part of their identity, they may think or say I am an anxious person. Now when it becomes part of your identity, it is around for a while. This is always an important area to address with people when you’re helping them escape the clutches of anxiety. Unfortunately with this identification comes a sense of selfthe ego creates a sense of self. It knows who you are. This helps you function in the world because you cant go around doing everyday things if you don’t know who you are or what your point of view is, etc. Thus, the ego creates sameness so we can get on with our lives. As you can probably start to see, if your ego sees you as an anxious person  its going to be hard to shift this. This does not mean it’s impossible! It’s actually relatively easy when you know how.

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If you have never suffered from anxiety, you probably won’t know that one of the hardest parts is when you actually go to get help, it’s often not that helpful. Sometimes it can leave you in a slightly better position with temporary change, often providing you with some techniques that help you manage it — but still keep it alive. Now your ego has tools to help you  and this implies it will still be around. If you are given drugs, the drugs actually do a very similar thing. Each time one takes the drug, they are actually reinforcing that they have a problem and actually strengthening the evidence the ego has that they are an anxious person.

Many clients who come to me have already tried many different avenues . After multiple failures, they begin to give up. I love it when people have tried many other forms of help and failed to see results, then come in to see me and are blown away that there is a solution.  For lots of people, after trying so many things that don’t work, they are on the brink of giving up or giving in, they finally break free and gain a new lease on life. As you can imagine it’s very rewarding for me to see how people reclaim their lives. Our approach is different, our techniques are different and our results are outstanding.

What I do struggle with are the people who have let anxiety make them weaker. For many people living with anxiety,  doing something about it can be really really hard. Often when clients come in for help, they tell me that they have been putting off coming in for a long time. Some clients have told me they have thought about coming in for a year before they actually made the appointment. Worse still is that some people make an appointment to come in and see me, but don’t show up because they got too overwhelmed with the traffic, or that I work in the city which scares them, or they are worried about parking. Some people use time or money as an excuse. Their anxiety has caused them to shrink so small, and this in itself actually amplifies the anxiety.

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It is the people who have had enough and say “I deserve to feel better!”

It is the people who say, even though it is hard, “I will find a way”.

It is the people, even though in the past things may not of helped, they don’t give up and think, “there must be a solution”.

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It is these people who come in to see me for help and change their lives. Anxiety can make you stronger. The reason I say this is because I see it everyday. I work with the people who almost gave up, but something told them there was still a possibility of change and a few months later after working with me, we are both witnessing a profound transformation. Please keep in mind that this is a small amount of time, especially compared to the decades some people have suffered from anxiety.

Say you were in a position to finally do something about your anxiety. At this very point your ego (sense of self) will say "Back off, I know who I am and you’re not interfering. You’re not changing me." Of course, this happens on a unconscious level. One of the differences about the way we work, which may interest you, is how we get around this.

We don’t see anxiety as a mental illness. We see it as a nervous system overwhelmed by past and current stresses and traumas. We have techniques that work specifically to help out here at the level of the nervous system. When I explain to you why this view makes sense, it becomes easier to let go of the old paradigm which actually trapped you. You will then be able to hold onto a solution and a new way forward to a happier, healthier and anxiety free version of yourself, even if you’re someone in the past who has let anxiety beat you down. 

If there is a bit of will power within you to get better, we can work with this. We can amplify it and give you tools and strategies to become stronger and have a transformation, because you are worth it. If you are someone who is saying, "I know there is a solution out there I have just not come across it yet", and if your living in Auckland, New Zealand then please come in to my clinic. We offer people a free 20 minute consultation so you can see if our approach is a fit for you (link to contact us below).

Don’t ignore the symptoms, don’t put things off. If your body is symptomatic, and especially if it has got worse recently with more stress, putting it off creates more work for you in the long run. It causes more pain and suffering and lowers your day to day quality of life. If you have a symptom, it is your body’s way of saying do something NOW. If you ignore it because you’re too busy, prepare yourself to undergo the consequences.

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