Whether you have generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), panic attacks, social anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder, we can help you.

In this Free Webinar "How to break free from anxiety and make it a thing of the past" you will learn ...

  • How you can break free from anxiety
  • Why we don't use medication in our clinic, and how you can address the cause and not just cover up the symptoms
  • Why 'talking' about your anxiety probably won't help you resolve it, and why with our approach we address BOTH  BODY and MIND .
  • Why learning breathing techniques and focusing on your breath can cause more anxiety
  • Why anxiety is NOT a mental illness - and what it is, why you have it and what you can do to free yourself from it!
  • How we are getting amazing life-changing results EVERYDAY in our clinic and how you can too

About the Host

Dov is the author of 'How to Break Free from Anxiety' and the Owner of Inspiring Wellness; a Wellness and personal transformation clinic - where we specialise in helping people who are suffering from anxiety transform their life!

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I can't wait to help you transform your life.

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