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Your posture should not be fixed in a static ‘perfect’ position; it should fluctuate as you go through different emotions and states throughout
the day.

Think of someone who is angry or depressed, and imagine how they hold themselves in their body and how this would be different to someone
who is confident, happy or relaxed? As we move our body, we access different feeling and thinking states. The body and mind are interlinked. If you are trapped in a body that is stiff, rigid, in an inflexible holding pattern, you might find yourself experiencing states, emotions, and thoughts that you don’t want to.

If your spine is fixed and a bit stuck, you could quite likely be rigidly holding onto a state that you don’t want to be caught in. If you
are holding tension in your upper spine, it will affect your upper chest, and this will affect your breathing. If your body is anchored into
a stress response then you will be fixed in this response. It could be like someone pushing down the panic button – even when there is no danger
around. You feel easily stressed or worry about things, not knowing why. You think the problem is with your thinking. What you are unaware
of is how your anxiety is being triggered by your body being stuck in a posture that produces the feelings you are experiencing. For some people
this is a near constant state.

The easiest, quickest and most powerful way to help someone with anxiety is to help them understand the connection between the body and mind. For them to understand the role that their posture is playing is a critical element to their success in being able to live anxiety free.

My work is focused on helping people release the tension that is stored in their body. We all store tension from life’s stresses and traumas and the body can only hold so much before we start to experience unwelcome symptoms.

Often anxiety is the symptom of holding onto too much stress and tension, usually in the upper chest, spine, back and neck region, which is associated with hyperventilation.

As we shift this stuck posture and we become more flexible, life is simply transformed.

If you want help so you can be living anxiety free, I would be more than happy to help you. If you're interested, request a free 20 minute consultation. We can discuss how I can help you and you can ask any questions you may have.

Have a quick read of some testimonials of how I helped people transform their lives, and if you want to live anxiety free, contact me.

Now observe your posture.


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