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The cost of living with Anxiety far outweighs the price of care

Initial consultation is $150
Regular sessions are $75
Workshop / Seminar $75 each
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How long is a piece of string?
As a general rule we say from 3-6 months.

This depends on so many factors – like, how intense the anxiety is, how long you have had it, how quickly you respond. How much you want to make the change and how much effort you will put in, how many stresses you have had in your life, and how intense they have been, your genetics, your environment, current stresses, family and friend support.

What also determines how long you will want to come in for is what is your desired goal. e.g. some people want just a bit of relief, and other people want to resolve their anxiety.

I have observed from working with hundreds of people that people go through stages. And most people start making progress from very early on, within a couple of sessions often the very first session. But getting people closer to resolving their anxiety take several months. Often people who are on meds, will begin to reduce them around the 3 month mark, because they are making such amazing progress.

Most people will be coming in for two sessions a week – if intense we ask people to come more in the beginning.
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Start – We understand that many people with anxiety have been told many things in the past , and tried many things that have not worked.

We are very different, but we are not asking you to take our word for it. Come in and explore, have your initial consultation and if its not right for you you can always be happy with our Guarantee. (see below)

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Yes – unless you live outside of Auckland and are exploring coming for sessions from afar – if so please contact our office

[email protected]
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We get amazing results with so many people, but sadly we cannot help everyone.

We can not help people who have anxiety that is being caused by a medical condition e.g. if your anxiety is coming from a Pernicious Anemia – you need to go to your medical doctor for help.
,br> There are a variety of conditions that cause anxiety, however the large majority of cases are not from medical/pathological conditions. In the majority of cases, we can help.

We see amazing results with people who have:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Panic Attacks
Social Anxiety
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Mild forms of OCD
Sometimes the person who suffers from anxiety will also have depression, fatigue issues or even sleeping challenges, such as insomnia. We get amazing results with this too.

There are many other types of anxiety, like specific phobias, derealization and depersonalization.

If you curious but not not sure, then please call us, or even better request a free 20 minute consultation.
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Or more accurately very rarely. It often appears this way, but what is really happening is that the nervous system is stuck in a ‘defensive physiology’ and this creates a thinking pattern and we become aware of our negative, worrisome or fear based thinking.

Yes this fear based thinking then causes the anxiety to be worse, and keeps it around but often it is not the cause nor is it JUST in your mind/thinking.

It is in your body as much as it is in your mind and if we go deeper it is actually in our nervous system.

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Because this is the best and most powerful way to get sustainable results.
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We use a variety of techniques to achieve this outcome. The work is called Reorganizational Healing. We apply these concepts with a specific focus in helping people overcome their anxiety and more importantly reclaim their life.
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More importantly than the techniques that we use is the framework that we use.

This is so important and often the core reason why people try things to make change and have the process not work. We have a process called the WellnessShift that helps people to move out of being stuck in their symptom and learn how to focus and move towards the solution.

We use a set of techniques that has evolved from Reorganizational Healing, Epienergetics, and Design Human Engineering

One of the main techniques we use which has some great scientific evidence backing its efficacy is called Network Spinal Analysis. This is a very powerful application that can be used in a number of ways, commonly used as a health discipline but is also a very powerful tool for personal transformation.

We use it to help our clients break free of living a life that i being consumed by anxiety learn to live a life of greater freedom.

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Dov Phillips BSc, Bchiro

BSc (Pharmacology)


After studying pharmacology (drugs) I went to the largest drugless health care profession (chiropractic) at chiropractic college I was introduced to Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). At that stage NSA was a chiropractic technique – gentle – non manipulative. NSA has evolved and can be practiced in a way that no longer focused on the chiropractic objective.

I do not practice as a chiropractor, I do NOT have a chiropractic clinic. I have a wellness clinic where we use reorganisational healing.

I hold the highest qualification in NSA Level 3 and have attended many NLP, Human Engineering seminars.

This is my background, it is important because it lay the foundation to my ability to work with people so effectively and have a different outlook so I did not see people with the same blinkers on.

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One of the most rewarding parts of my job is when clients tell me that they are able to come off their medication. Some have been on it for decades too. Many people don’t want to be taking drugs everyday but because nothing else has worked for them they feel like they are trapped.

If you are taking medications, it is fine to start care, many people have. One of our goals is to have you live the life you were meant to. Remember you were not born into this world, needing to have drugs, just so you can be ok!

Of course this all depends on what medications you are on and every situation is unique so we treat you this way.

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We have great results that are so impressive that we are exploring doing a clinical study to demonstrate this.

Of course we do not have a 100% success rate, and we have had many people who ‘try it out’ for a couple of sessions and no surprises they are not fixed. This is not a quick fix!

If you want results you have to be realistic that getting better is a process. You will notice benefits from early on – often the first or second visit but climbing a mountain even a small one, can not be done in one or two steps.

Most of my clients are blown away at how different their life is now, and amazed that what we have accomplished is even possible.

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We have helped people from all around the world. We recommend you buy the book and do the online course. It is not the same as coming into the clinic but we have seen some very inspiring changes with the people that we have worked with.
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We are located in Auckland CBD

68 Albert St, Auckland 1010

Corner of Albert and Wyndham Street.

Level 1 Wherescape Towers, Above Hollywood Bakery

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We do not have client parking but there are many car parking buildings in the CBD that are nearby. Some clients use street parking and others use the parking buildings. We suggest you park in the downtown car park or Civic car park and have a small walk if you want one of the cheaper parking options.

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Yes, for the Initial Consultation, I want to make this an easy decision for you, So If at the end of the initial consultation, you don’t feel that you are in the right place, then we will refund you the fee you paid.

If I decide that our clinic is not appropriate for you (I don’t take on everyone), then we will refund you the fee you paid.

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