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It often sneaks up on people gradually...

Before they know it things aren’t working. Their ability to deal with life’s day to to day stresses suddenly becomes less effective. They then feel even more stressed and move into a state of survival. With this comes the associated shift into uncomfortable, undesirable feelings and not knowing what the hell is going on. Their energy is draining, and what they could easily do seems harder or less enjoyable. The fun in life begins to dull down.

At this point, one will either seek help or ignore it for just a bit longer. If left too long, it can feel like things are falling apart and that a breakdown is around the corner.

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In our clinic, we help heaps of people who are at the point of asking for help to learn some new strategies for a better tomorrow. Here are some - that we hope you find helpful:

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Open Up Your View - There's no time machine

Often people only focus on the symptoms, and want this gone ASAP. With this often comes the wishful thinking that if they could just go back to how things were, they will be all right. What happens here is that they are forgetting that this very strategy is what got them to this point. The clients who recover the quickest are the ones who realise they don’t have a time machine and can’t go back in time. They don’t waste their effort on this. They ask “How can I make some progress TODAY to make my TOMORROW better?”

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"But It’s So Freaky..."

This is partly the point. It is your body's way of telling you that you are going down the wrong path. You need to make some kind of change. Often when things are not working, you may be refusing to acknowledge something in life because creates discomfort. So you try to avoid it. When things get to a point when you can’t avoid it anymore - your body begins to let you know..

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Be Conscious of the Words You Use

The worse we feel, the more we negatively self-talk. The more we negatively self-talk, the worse we feel. Which came first? It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you learn to moderate this inner dialogue so that the content is constructive.

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Don't Do Less

A lot of people say when you are stressed do less. We have worked with people who are so bad, they have taken off work to get better. Sometimes, they even have insurance paying for this time away. We have consistently seen this only been helpful in the short term. Extended period of time off has a negative impact and slows someones recovery. As humans, we have evolved to be great at adapting. Yes it is true that in our modern fast-paced lifestyle, we are pushing the limit and our bodies scream at times. By doing less, you send yourself the message that you can't cope. New, more effective strategies can help us begin to flourish.

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Envision How You Want to Be

How much better would life be if you could see yourself as having the ability to grow to learn new things and to be a new and improved version of yourself. Imagine if the current stresses and pressures were no longer things that were even being registered as such because you had strategies that resulted in you using this as a fuel? One of the most common bits of feedback I get from my clients is the things that used to stress them out, no longer bother them!

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Don't Get Caught Up in the Merry Go-Round of Trying to "Fix" Yourself

Lots of people seek the next supplement or get caught up in possible low levels of hormones if they think they are burning out. I have had many clients who have tried going from one supplement regime to the next with little long term shifts. The focus here becomes trying to fix the body instead of looking at your body's responses to how you live your life. In saying that, it can't hurt (much more than the act itself!) to have a blood test to check iron levels, vitamin b12 etc.

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The Obvious Things are Important smile

Make sure you are regularly getting fresh air, exercising (at least walking), eating well, drinking lots of water and staying away from stimulants and  depressants (alcohol, other drugs etc.)

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The Not So Obvious Things

Burn out is often your bodies way of saying, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh - change!” Your nervous system has been flipped into fight or flight mode for far too long and your depleting your reserves. Your body is giving you the last warning to change - and quick before things get worse.

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It often takes things to get real bad before someone starts making the changes that they need. HOWEVER, this is very hard when you don't know what changes you need to make or even where to begin. Even if you do know and your nervous system is stuck in fight or flight mode, it is going to be very hard to make any change.

Our suggestion is for you to have someone who works with your nervous system in this way to teach you new strateiges. Look for someone who does Newtork Spinal Analysis (recently renamed and evolved to be called Network Spinal). This is the foundation of my work and I see it having profound results.

I also work with peoples' mindset helping them learn to think differnernty about the situation. It may seem like this is your worst point and like there are hardly any resources to help get better.

We have helped so many clients transform their life so that this burnout or breakdown becomes the most significant turning point in their life. They look back on it and feel grateful that they went though it because of how much it helped them make their life better than ever. Check out some testimonials below and hear from the clients themselves!

If you would like to join the countless others we have helped, click the link below to start your transformational journey with us now!

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