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There is no one consequence of bullying

Bullying affects people in many different ways.  One thing I've seen in my office repeatedly over the last couple of years, is when a parent brings his/her child in to see me for help, they will talk about how all of a sudden the children's personality started changing...and it was at that same time when the child started being bullied at school.

Obviously, not all bullying happens on the school playground. Sometimes the bullying comes from a teacher or a parent. It happens all throughout life as well, for example workplace bullying, or even from one’s spouse.

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Sometimes the things that people say or do to you won't affect you that much. Sometimes they just make you stronger. There are heaps of examples in history of people who have experienced a great deal of trauma and it turning them into a stronger person (think Oprah Winfrey).

Unfortunately, there are even more examples of how bullying can keep people in pain’s grip. It can create a negative thought loop, self-destructive behaviour, and self-image challenges. Often one’s self confidence and self esteem will also be low as result. Throughout life, the knock on effect of this all seems to accumulate. Some people go from one negative situation to the next. Often they feel like they're not good enough and a sense of failure begins to manifest. A lot of people don't even make the connection that they are stuck in a reactive, defensive way of being. This can be because they create the identity that they are a shy person. They could just see themselves as having low self-esteem, ALL THE WHILE NOT KNOWING that they can change and improve it. This is when anxiety and depression can manifest if one lives this way.

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In my clinic, I've had the privilege of helping transform hundreds of peoples’ lives. We begin with addressing the symptoms, (e.g., feeling depressed or anxious) and we work through building self-esteem and confidence. We DO NOT do this through therapy - we use only a little talking as needed. Our main focus (which is why we are getting such powerful results) is the way in which we are working on the body and nervous system to teach people new strategies. I've come to observe the many similar patterns that keep people stuck but I also know how important it is to see people as individuals, and that we all develop our own unique strategies. The best part is that when someone begins to improve and make changes, they begin to reclaim their life. It is such a beautiful thing to watch someone’s life unfold and get better.

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People often ask, “Can you help kids?”

The simple answer is YES. I have worked with kids in the middle of a challenging time, like in cases of bullying. What people are often pleasantly surprised about is just how fast their children respond and make positive changes. Now not all kids will respond right away, but generally they seem to make progress fairly quickly.

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The only real requisites that we have for people to make these shifts are:

  1. Have a desire to get better
  2. Like working with me

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If someone is not ready to make the change, or the timing is not quite for them, it take for them to truly hit rock bottom before they are willing to accept help or become honest within themselves that something needs to change.

How can you make sure the person will like working with me? You have to start to find out smile

We do offer a “Getting Started” package at a really affordable rate so you can find out just quickly you can start making changes. We have had so many people report having a powerful shift right from their first session.

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