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Dov Phillips

Dad, Husband, Author, Wellness Facilitator 

Dov Phillips

Owner, Inspiring Wellness

I understand how meeting someone new and starting a program could make you feel a little uneasy, so I want to give you a feel for what I’m like personally and let you know a little bit about how I see the world.

I’ve been nicknamed “Dr. Happy.”
That’s because I’m naturally a very upbeat, positive-minded person. I frankly feel blessed to be alive and experiencing this amazing world of ours. Yes, I’m also well aware of all the pain and destruction in the world, which makes what I do more important to me. I find true joy and fulfillment in helping people gain insights and achieve major transformations in their lives.

People with anxiety say I have a calming effect.
My heart goes out to everyone who is anxious or fearful about issues in their lives. I can be like a “whisperer” who eases you out of those unhealthy feelings. Once you’re freed from your anxieties, we can venture into a whole new realm of wonderful possibilities!

What to expect during our first session.
First of all, you won’t feel as though you’re entering a clinic–it’s much more like a lounge. I believe the last thing you want is to be in some impersonal kind of setting.

I love my life.
Well most the time anyway I love being a Kiwi! By that I mean I really enjoy the outdoors, be it walking, surfing, skiing or camping.
I also love being Dad to my two boys, 9 and 4 years old. I love my Best Friend and Wife, who is involved behind the scenes as a Practice Manager.

Laugh your way to wellness!
Comedy is another big passion of mine. I’ve belonged to an improv theatre group, I’ve performed in the comedy festival a few years in a row, plus I’ve done stand-up on occasion. I believe humour can be an essential element (when appropriate, of course) of any effective wellness program.

I naturally gravitated to wellness.
Early in my professional career, I practiced chiropractic (I also have a degree in pharmacology). The more I learned through study and experience, the more I understood that a person’s overall wellness is key. As this wellness is developed, it makes everything in life much more meaningful and vastly more enjoyable.

Over those years, I gradually formulated a unique, comprehensive philosophy about wellness: what I believe it is, how I can help you to achieve it, how you can maintain and continually enhance it.

Joy Phillips

Client Success Coordinator
A lot of what goes on behind the scenes happens by our adorable Joy, she will help to make sure your on track to get the goals you desire. 

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