One of the biggest challenges that keeps people stuck within anxiety is the way they look at "it".

Have you noticed how anxiety feels like it is happening to you and without your control? No doubt it will feel separate from you and we talk about anxiety as an "It". We need to change this which is a process that takes time. Today I just want to introduce this idea. I know it probably still seems a little strange, or you may not be seeing the significance just yet. That's ok! Remember, comprehension comes in layers. Here, we just want to bring this to your attention so you can become aware.

I also want you to start shifting your role as an observer, and to see your anxiety in a new way. This video "Drawing Out Anxiety" is a very simple way to start our process together.

Drawing out your anxiety (PDF - click to Download)

Please don't discount the idea, or any based upon their simplicity. You have to do it to understand.

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